Oxygraphis polypetala ?

Oxygraphis polypetala ?;


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Sharing some pictures for ID shot at Kuri Kalinchowk Nepal on 25 July 2014 at 11000 ft.
Caltha palustris L. ?? but multiple petals.
Looks different from images of Caltha palustris at
Ranunculaceae Fortnight:: Caltha palustris en-route Hemkund Sahib .: PKA-Jan-09:::
I explored all avenues but could not make it its correct ID but guess C. palustris.
If some one can authenticate it.
Looks like Oxygraphis polypetala
Earlier I guessed so but petals are random rather that properly 
arranged in O.polypetala.
I am not sure.
Maybe the flower is not in a good condition
May Be.
To me also flowers look different from images at Oxygraphis polypetala in different threads.