Clematis zeylanica ?

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Presenting for ID
Location : Javadhu hills, Eastern Ghats
Elevation : 3600 feet
Taken on 12.02.2020

Clematis zeylanica,

It is Clematis gouriana; common in E.ghats;
Clematis zeylanica is Sri Lanka species.

Ma'am actually am thinking this plant as Naravelia zeylanica because of only I told Clematis zeylanica, now it's a synonym right,
..., if possible send a clear pic of leaves, 
Pl. post clear images of the leaves for proper id.
Thanks, ..., for the id.
From scanty leaves, which can be seen, I also think closer to Clematis zeylanica rather than Clematis gouriana, as per images and details herein. 
Clematis zeylanica -the third leaf is modified into tendril; here tendril not seen; the hairs on achene normally dense in C.zeylanica; any how complete leaf, flower needed for correct id.