Clematis flammula or Clematis gouriana

Clematis for ID : 100811 : AK-2: Taken at Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai on 10/5/09.
A small plant, could be a creeper.
I know it is Clematis but getting confused in the species.
may be Clematis flammula

I think you are correct about this plant being Clematis flammula.

Clematis gouriana
Was the leaf 3 or 5 pinnate?
I think it is C. flammula.
Most of the internet pictures were wrongly idied, I think, after looking at digitized herbarium of KEW.
Please check the following links.
I think the leaves and flowers of C. gauriana is different.
You may get the plant description of C. gauriana @
I was not successful in getting description of C. flammula, though.
This looks more like Clematis gauriana...
You had earlier asked about the would have been a wild guess from my side.
I may be going to the park sometime this month, had thought of taking some pictures specially of the leaves for making id easier.
You will find both Clematis at Flowersofindia.