Clematis 'Carnaby'

Clematis 'Carnaby';

Pictures taken at Mughal Gardens in Srinagar during April.
A small, cultivated climber.
Identity credit goes to ...
On searching, it looks like 

Early, Large Flowered Clematis 'Carnaby'

Clematis 'Carnaby'.

Garden Climber for ID : Srinagar : 251011 : AK-3:   A small vine found at Mughal Gardens Shalimar, Srinagar on the 10th of Sept,11.
Having a single purple flower.
To me it looks like Purple Clematis.
Kindly validate.
I hope Clematis viticella
This may also be Clematis 'Carnaby' as per another thread.
Both Clematis plants were observed in the same place.
Mughal Garden Shalimar.