Anemone species ?- on way from Rohtang Pass to Spiti valley

Tiny flowers on way Rohtang Pass to Spiti valley.
Creeping on the surface of soil.

Can we have a photograph where leaves with flowers are shown? They seem to be mixed with leaves of Trifolium, Potentilla and Rumex.

Could be some species of Anemone

You are right ...
Yes I agree with you. More morphological features like leaves are needed for ID of a particular plant.
This happens with everybody. In the heat of capturing more plant species we often tend to forget this factor. In spite of that we get the Id about many flowers on Indiantreepix due to many experts. Then one can go to books and learn further to increase one's knowledge and when he or she gets a chance to visit the place again; can find and study the species further.
This should not become a shortcut for availability of ID. Each one has its own choice
Thanks ... I also think this to be from the genus Anemone.