Anemone species- Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh
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A plant from 8000ft alt. from Kameng in Arunachal. Seems a Ranunculus sp.
Try species of Anemone from your area.
I am currently checking entries for Anemone within eFI.   The major problem is that these images are inadequate to identify with confidence.   There is a limit to what can be done if only one or two images not in close-up.  Please, on future occasions, take good close-ups of both the upper and lower surfaces of flowers, upper foliage & lower foliage (both upper and lower surfaces), habit and habitat.
In a herbarium like Kew, if a pressed specimen arrives which is inadequate, then it is discarded.
Nevertheless, it MIGHT be a form of Anemone rivularis. I have a copy of Flora of Bhutan (which also covers Sikkim).  It is possible there could be a species in AP similar to A.rivularis not found in Bhutan, which I do not currently know about.
I cannot justify devoting any more time to such images. We NEED those posting images to ensure they are of a reasonable standard and show the necessary characteristics otherwise it can be IMPOSSIBLE to be sure which species they belong.   Yes, we can USUALLY tell which genus a plant belongs to.
I have indicated that I am available to advise on a one-to-one basis (in private) on how to take the sort of photos necessary to reliably identify plants.  I currently do not consider I can give MEANINGFUL advice about plant photography which would apply to everyone.
Even with suitable cameras it takes time, effort and after a period, skill, to consistently take quality plant photos.   Purchasing a particular camera is NOT the only factor involved.
In the past, it was not economic to take many shots of EACH and EVERY plant.   It is now and the quality of digital lenses available on even modest compact cameras means that EVERY member of this group has the capability to take good plant photos and even students to afford a camera which with time, effort and after a period, skill, can produce images of a GOOD to HIGH standard.
Getting the EXPOSURE right for white and yellow flowers (in particular) on a sunny day is a challenge.