Aconitum laeve

Aconitum laeve Royle, Ill. Bot. Himal. Mts. 56 1834. (Syn: Aconitum vitifolium Royle ex Stapf);

Common name: Grape-Leaved Monkshood

Aconitum laeve Royle, Illustr. Bot. Himal. Mount. 1:56. 1834
syn: A. lycoctonum auct. (non Linn.)
Perennial herb very distinct from other species by its helmet which is longer than broad; sparingly branched, viscid hairy especially in upper part; basal leaves with long petioles, upper gradually smaller, palmatisect into 5 to 9 lobes; flowers in branched racemes, purple to nnearly white, bracts filiform; flowers with helmet wide base, suddenly tapered into cylindrical hood; follicles 3, 10-14 mm long, spreading, hairy.
Photographed from Forest below Chopta in Uttarakhand
Beautiful upload
It seems your identification my be correct however the petals of the plant are densely hairy which is peculair feature of Aconitum pseudolaeva kindly check it
Thanks Prof Abid for suggestion
I will check when full description of A. pseudolaeve is available, but as I understand
1. Species is not reported from India in Flora of India vol. 1
2. The species is reported from Korea only.
Yes Sir it is A.laeve, an Aconite found at lowest altitude in Uttarakhand.
Surprisingly, Flora of India vol-1 (pp 17-18) have not mentioned it occurrence in Uttarakhand, though it is well known here.
Very different from other Aconitum spp of Uttarakhand in floral structure.
Thanks ... for validation.
Yes Sir, Aconitum laeve. I have seen its pure creamy-white flowered variants as well in kashmir.
FOH mentions a sentence about Aconitum as Hood 3 times taller than broad.