Leucadendron salignum (Cultivated- USA)

Leucadendron salignum Berg., Trans. Linn. Soc. 10: 62. 1810. (syn: Euryspermum frondosum Knight; Euryspermum humifusum Knight; Euryspermum salignum (Berg.) Knight; Leucadendron adscendens R.Br.; Leucadendron cuspidatum Klotzsch ex Meissn.; Leucadendron eriocladum Gandoger & Schinz; Leucadendron inflexum Link; Leucadendron involucratum Meisn.; Leucadendron salignum R.Br.; Leucadendron virgatum Drege ex Meissn.; Protea conifera L.; Protea diversifolia Willd.; Protea inflexa Willd.; Protea involucrata Willd. ex Meissn.; Protea pallens L.; Protea saligna L.; Protea stricta Don ex Steud.);  

South Africa (W-Cape Prov., E-Cape Prov.), Colombia (I) as per Catalogue of Life;

Photographed this interesting shrub about a week ago or so, it was exciting to identify it, I succeeded only today.
Any members who are familiar with it?
Before I give its name.
whether it is Gymnopserm ?
No this is Proteaceae ...
Very interesting, from cones any body will say it is gymno.

Let me try. I think this is Leucadendron galpinii commonly known as Galpin's Leucadendron

You are a genius, no doubt my favourite, 
I am proud of you.
The species is, however, L. salignum.
Common names: Common Sunshine Conebush, Geelbos, Red Cone Bush, Sunshine Protea