Primulaceae member ?
Plant for ID: Please find herewith the attachment copies of unidentified plant material which collected from Balaghat Ranges of Maharashtra dated on 15 Nov. 2012.
1) Herb
2) Leaves alternate, 0.5 - 2 cm long, entire, obovate oblong to elliptic oblong.
3) Flowers 5-merous, in axillary solitary, pedicellate, both calyx and corolla distinct.
4) Calyx chlorophillous, acute at apex.
5) Corolla membranous, acute at apex, ovate lanceolate, slightly attached to base, white with orange spots..
6) Capsule membranous, dihiscing by operculum, many seeded.
7) Seeds trigonous, tubercled, black.  
Kindly i request to u please Inform me the Family & Name of that plant & any available literature like revision, any paper etc.
A wild guess...any Swertia sp.?? especially the third pic looks like so... flower pics could have been decisive..

Can this be a Glinus
Member of Primulaceae ?
alpine herb for id: Chiplakedar, 4000m, Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, 23 june 2010. very small herb around 3 cm tall.
May be Costus afer.
Primulaceae member but never seen by me in the field.