Primula x polyantha ?

Primula ×polyantha Mill., Gard. Dict. ed. 8 4 1768. ?;

Primula Species seen in Kodaikanal, in Oct 2008.
A cultivated, ornamental, potted plant.
Had posted on our group earlier.
... had suggested it could be Primula Species, possibly P. vulgare.
... had suggested common name as Primrose.
You have displayed the photographs of Primula specie both the plants are hybrid one is Primula alloni (hybrid) and another two photographs are P. Vulgare hybrids
Thanks for a possible id of my pictures.
Pictures in this post are of the same plant, not two different plants.
Primula alloni on searching, doesn't look anywhere near my pictures.

Could this be Primula X polyantha?
Well, I hesitate much.... can it be hybrid of Primula veris L.? A note can be found in FoNA introduction page -
"Hybrid of garden origin (polyanthus). P. allionii is not involved."
This could be the correct link.