Maesa species ?

Maesa species ?;

TREE ID-----12thDECEMBER 2011----S.S.----054-- NEAR LAVA:
Please can someone id this tree.
Pic taken on 15th April 2011. @12.45.
Near Neora Jungle camp. LAVA. WEST BENGAL.
Habitat- ... Wild
Plant Habit-.... Tree
Height/Length-.....See pic.
Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size-... See pic
Flowers Size... small white.
This could be some Maesa sp.

Thank you so much for your suggestion ...

Hmm!. I have waited in the hope that somone would confirm this.
Now I have 2 mystery trees/ shrubs with Maesa as a suggestion.
Yet to my eye they look different.
Maybe just the height up the mountain where this was found growing, means the flowers are at a different stage of development.
2nd opinion would be most helpful.