Cortusa brotheri

Cortusa brotheri Pax ex Lipsky, Trudy Imp. S.-Peterburgsk. Bot. Sada 18: 87 1901. (syn: Cortusa himalaica Losinsk.; Cortusa matthioli f. brotheri (Pax ex Lipsky) R.Knuth; Primula matthioli subsp. brotheri (Pax ex Lipsky) Kovt.; Primula matthioli subsp. himalaica (Losinsk.) Kovt.);
Common name: Himalayan Bell Primrose

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Cortusa brotheri from Kashmir
Yes, an exciting upload. I have only herbarium records of this on live photo yet.
Cortusa is known to occur in Uttarakhand also but I never saw it in nature. Thanks for showing.
This is correctly identified but there have been both nomenclatural and taxonomic changes. It is now considered to be within the genus Primula by Richards. So the current name is Primula brotheri
When I first explored in Kashmir, this plant was known as Cortusa matthioli Hook.f. non L. Then it became Cortusa brotheri and now a Primula.
Common in damp shady places in Kashmir @ 2100-3600m. Flowers of Himalaya gives a distribution of Afghanistan to Uttaranachal amongst rocks, forests & shady places @ 3000-4000m. A colleague of mine when coming across it for the first time near Khoksar, Lahoul (admittedly in fruit) thought it might be a Primula though belonging to a species only recorded from the Eastern Himalaya.