Androsace mucronifolia

Androsace mucronifolia Watt,  J. Linn. Soc., Bot. 20: 17 1884. (syn: Androsace globifera Klatt; Androsace microphylla Hook. fil.; Androsace villosa Hook. f, & Thoms.; Primula microphylla (Hook. fil.) Kuntze; Primula mucronifolia (Watt) Derganc);,%20Kashmir%20(Chris%20Chadwell).jpg?part=0.2&view=1&vt=ANaJVrHWR1Rhu7DVRhl3coDRSnrLTYHpccJ5mBBzEDTiUnHBL_jud2iL96PJHMow3ClVnqzKkFJKC6ZFPZlSZLa5Xi7gg578uMEUdJhUVAgRoQmu-KbLQKc,%20Kashmir%20-%20home%20to%20abundant%20Primula%20%20reptans%20&%20Saxifraga%20jacquemontiana%20(Chris%20Chadwell).jpg?part=0.4&authuser=0&view=1,%20Kashmir%20-%20home%20to%20abundant%20Primula%20%20reptans%20&%20Saxifraga%20jacquemontiana%20(Chris%20Chadwell).jpg?part=0.5&view=1&vt=ANaJVrHintXiP1PnP621wN_PjbwJN1DNT4RghJpcaYEHvkv_FoTOeD0zHCjKAgJ3QHYz_qw2Ky0or-C8aF4dT73gFDTigqvSy7xEvnyUC_ItwBhw7fuPi6M's%20colleague%20%20striding%20off%20from%20Nichinai%20Pass%20towards%20Vishensar%20in%20hail%20storm%20-%20our%20%20companion,%20a%20gardener%20from%20Srinagar%20was%20not%20happy%20(Chris%20Chadwell).jpg?part=0.6&view=1&vt=ANaJVrHbkphrxLcvtqiqw0aRZf15-bHRAI21aa6CS8D6tQN8jzTm_xPC3mZelGfm_iPqrAbNEjKL4kgGvLOab3yqiqvrpNvHkqBAIYjDFJHna0w8ip9Hpy8,%20common%20%20in%20Kashmir%20incl.%20Nichinai%20Pass%20(Oleg%20Polunin).jpg?part=0.8&authuser=0&view=1

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Not as adventurous this time but very cold on Nichinai Pass in the autumn en route to Vishensar Lake from Sonamarg then on to near Mt. Harmukh and Ganderbal.
Despite the temperature being well below zero, my British companion came out of his tent in shorts, first thing in the morning.  I by comparison, had a number of layers on!
1.  Trekking route to Nichinai Pass from Sonamarg
2.  Androsace mucronifolia growing on a boulder above Nichiani Pass
3.  Near Nichinai Pass with Primula rosea & Caltha palustris
4. Chris Chadwell camped on the Nichinai Pass below hanging glaciers - home to abundant Primula reptans & Saxifraga jacquemontiana
5. Chris Chadwell camped on the Nichinai Pass below hanging glaciers - home to abundant Primula reptans & Saxifraga jacquemontiana
6. Chris Chadwell's colleague striding off from Nichinai Pass towards Vishensar in hail storm - our companion, a gardener from Srinagar, employed by P.Kohli & Co. was not happy, saying he thought he was going to "die of cold".  His employers thought he could learn more about plants accompanying me on a trek but he was not cut out for the mountains fortunately, my guide, interpreter, cook and by then, friend, Ghulam Rasool Beigh most certainly was
7. Primula reptans, common in Kashmir incl. on Nichinai Pass
8. Saxifraga jacquemontiana, common in Kashmir incl. Nichinai Pass (Oleg Polunin)
9. Saxifraga jacquemontiana (at he fruiting stage) common in Kashmir incl. Nichinai (Oleg Polunin)

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