Androsace sarmentosa ?

Androsace sarmentosa ?;
VoF Week: Primulaceae - Androsace sarmentosa Wallich:  
Androsace sarmentosa Wallich in Roxburgh, Fl. Ind. 2: 14. 1824.
Family: Primulaceae
Distribution: India, Nepal, China, Pakistan.
Current pic taken on way to Hem Kunt Sahib.
Is this Androsace sarmentosa or A.studiosorum. See my other recent posts about the difficulties distinguishing between these species. 

This was seen on the rock crevices. 
Looks like some Androsace sp?? Family: Primulaceae

To me this looking like Androsace sarmentosa,
Lets other comments
I think yes, nice photographs
Is it Androsace sarmentosa or A.studiosorum?  See other recent posts on difficulties distinguishing between the two species.
Androsace sarmentosa from Himachal [Kullu, 3000 m asl]
Androsace sarmentosa : Primulaceae
Usually a dense white wooly plant with leaves in rosettes, with stolons with reddish hairs, and with an umbel of small bright pinkish flowers born on long flowering stem.
Flowers 8mm
Leaves rosette; outer elliptic lanceolate to oblanceolate spreading. Inner much larger and erect.
Is this A.sarmentosa or A.studiosorum?  Insufficient detail is shown from photo to attempt to distinguish. See my other recent posts about the similarities and difficulties telling them apart.
This is one more set of Androsace sp photographs from VoF.
Looks like Androsace sarmentosa
Some leaves would help
Looks similar to that on Pl.79 of the book FOH.
Good one again. Leaves would have helped.
Does this come within Androsace sarmentosa or A.studiosorum?  Interesting that in 'The Valley of Flowers' book it is called A.primuloides, which was previously considered (certainly in Stewart's day up to 1970s and 'Flowers of the Himalaya' (1980s) to be the species found in Kashmir which became A.studiosorum.  According to 'Tibetan Medicinal Plants' A.sarmentosa has an inflorescence with brown & wavy hairs, leaves with a broader petiole, narrower bracts cf. A.studiosorum (which has an inflorescence with villous, white hairs).
However, they also say the 2 species overlap in Kumaon, Tehri-Garwhal, Lahoul, Chamba and parts of Western Nepal, where plants exist which cannot be assigned with certainty to either species.
Does anyone know of further studies about this?
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Please help in ID of this Alpine species..
Locality: Nichnai, Sonamarg, Kashmir
Altitude: above 4000 m

Looks like some Androsace sp. (Primulaceae).

Androsace studiosarum?
Androsace sermentosa ?

Androsace sarmentosa is my guess as well, but I see the flower shape slightly different, and size...

Thanks for correspondence. I can also say that this picture may be of Androsace sermentosa but can't confirm because I never collected flora from that region. Leaves of this picture are not quite clear to identify because many species of Primula are also grown in that region hence confirmation it really very tough task.