Cistanthe umbellata (USA)

Cistanthe umbellata (Torr.) Hershkovitz, Phytologia 68: 268 1990. (syn: Calyptridium umbellatum (Torr.) Greene; Spraguea umbellata Torr. (ambiguous synonym));

Canada (British Columbia), W-USA (California, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming), Mexico (Baja California Norte) as per Catalogue of Life
Cistanthe umbellata from California-GS04022020-1 : 3 posts by 2 authors. 1 correct image as above.
Cistanthe umbellata (Torr.) Hershk.               
Syn: Calyptridium umbellatum (Torr.) Greene
Perennial herb native of Western North America, with basal rosettes of spatulate leaves, blade 2-7 cm long, stem leaves absent, flowers in umbellate to subumbellate globose clusters, sepals rounded, petals 4, white, anthers red or yellow, capsule globose.
Clicked from Shasta, California, July 4, 2008    
Leaves in 1st image look different from 2nd image and from the following: