Rumex patientia ?
VOF Week: Unid-U25-- Polygonaceae sp?? at VoF: Looks like another Polygonaceae sp. . These are the only photographs available.
I hope Rumex patientia
Very nice pics
it seems Rumex are an interesting plants... is there ia key to their classification in ... language?
Not yet ... We can request ... to prepare one. He is our expert on this Group of plants.
Thanks for allotting this work to me. I'll surely try to make it when I get some free time. Very sorry for my low activity in the group as some urgent lab assignments have to be finished. Hoping to increase my activity soon.
Thanks a lot ... We badly need a simple key for our species of Polygonum s.l.

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Rumex sp. probably Rumex patientia as suggested by ... during one of the discussion on this plant posted earlier..
Family: Polygonaceae . .
N.B. These are the only photographs available for this plant..

To me it seems Rumex acetosa.
can help by uploading photograph with leaves. Leaves are clearly hastate to sagittate in R. acetosa. Plus I think it is much more delicate plant.