Rumex maritimus


Rumex maritimus L (?) from Kamrup district(Rural), Assam:
Attaching images of what looks likeRumex maritimus L. Please confirm the ID.

Date : 07.01.2013

Location: Kamrup district(Rural), Assam

Family : Polygonaceae
Genus & species : Rumex maritimus L. (?)

Habitat: Grows wild on roadside.

Habit : Herbs

Well known Homeopathic medicine is derived from this plant.
Attached images may be Rumex maritimus L collected from Assam. My earlier post. Please ID the Species. 
No doubt in genus, however I have a doubt in species name.
Of all Rumex described in Fl-Brit-Ind this can only be R. maritimus L.
2) Fl-Brit-Ind connects R. m. with a number of citations and one is R. chinensis Campd. You can see the key at -
3) Sir Prain as well as Fl-Brit-Ind equates R. m. with R. acutus of Flora Indica. In Roxburgh's own words, "..... valvelets all grain-bearing, at the flowering time entire, at the fruit time toothed.... ." Roxburgh also noted down the difference with European plants.