Persicaria dichotoma


This species is wide spread in south east Asia and also found in Australia. In India it is distributed in Maharashtra, Assam, Meghalaya, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka (Cook 1996, Kantachot et al. 2010).
It is perennial often found along rivers, in marshes and in seasonally inundated places including rice fields (Cook 1996).
(From  IUCN Red List (LC) (Persicaria dichotoma) on 8.1.14)
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pics taken at Mahavir sanctuary, Mollem, Goa on 30th Jan 2010.
... possibly the Chinese Knotweed ... Persicaria chinensis (syn. Polygonum chinense, Polygonum auriculata)
Persicaria dichotoma
thanx for id.
A small query.
description in your book as well as on the site of flowers of India tallies with both P. chinensis & P. dichotoma in some aspects.
P. dichotoma - stem erect, grooved and prickly. but what i saw was not so. pics. attached will confirm this too.
on the other side, P. chinensis or Polygonum auriculata - stem terete, older stem dark brown, branches long and divariate, black seeds as one can see from the pics. But leaf margins are not red and petiole is not enlarged and auriculate at base.
i am confused.
P. dichotoma has stem minutely prickled and stem without prickles will be P. auriculata. This minute character may not be clearly visible in the picture. A specimen will help in this typical case where 2 species are very close to each other. Must appreciate for going thru the text besides just pictures and that too after ID. 
i have attached a pic again which is cropped further. Can one say that the stem is minutely prickled?
As said by ... this plant has stem minutely prickled, hence this is Periscaria dichotoma. Thanks to ... for bringing this minute fact into consideration.
Also seen in the picture is the characteristic of Polygonaceae family...............sheathing leaf base of modified stipules called as ochrea which is brown and tubular in this genus.
Ochreate stiplue is digonestic character of Polygonaceae only genus Antigonon sp doesn't have this character it an exception. thanks for the update
Ochrea is present in Antigonon, only it is deciduous (caducous would be a better term).
Posting herewith some pictures of a plant which I think is Persicaria dichotoma, a new addition to our database. Expert comments are welcome.
Name: Persicaria dichotoma (Blume) Masam.
Family: Polygonaceae
DoC: 26 September 2014
Locality: Near Lingmala waterfall, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra
nice complete set of pictures
The Plant which you have uploaded is Persicaria minima
Thanks for your opinion on this plant. But I could not find the name Persicaria minima anywhere.
I wonder if it was a 'typo'...or I am unaware of this species?."
Waiting to hear from you. 
There is one Polygonum minimum S. Watson, but no distribution in India. 
Polygonum minimum S. watson is growing in Himalayan regions but its nomenclature was changed as Persicaria minima by Harra in Flora of Eastern Himalaya later adopted by me while working with Prof. Harra on Flora of India revising family Polygonaceae 
Could not find Persicaria minima on any available database though Fl. N. America still treats it as Polygonum minimum. Moreover, Polygonum minimum is characterized by having elliptic to ovate leaves and axillary inflorescence which is not the case here.
Would like to learn more from the experts.