Persicaria chinensis ?

Persicaria chinensis (Syn: Polygonum chinense L.) ?;

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Please heelp in id this plant.
: Climber, much branched
: Leaves and young twigs with sheath.
: ca. 1800 m asl.

Polygonum chinense, perhaps.
By description in flora,..P. chinesis is a herb, up to 1 m tall, but the present study is a climber ca. 4 m long. However, inflorescence and fruiting pattern matching with P. chinensis. I also check it for P. convolvulus (Climber), but differing in spike like inflorescence.
just because something seems to be a climber and growing tall does not negate the its identity, to my mind
I have a green chilli plant right now in my kitchen that's almost dying but all thru the year it grew as a straggly almost three foot long "vining" plant
its just that the seed (from the same one red chilli) got stuck at an edge in a small pot and that seedling just struggled and grew taller by the minute... flowered once , never set fruit... it spent all its nutrition and energy into growing tall; while rest of the seeds' seedlings grew to normal in bigger pots on the same window sill..same light same water same food.. just a different foothold...
Take home message to me has been ...
if all else fits, it must get the label of its id...
Same as in cancer tumors that grow into mass and stay that way while in somebody else may spread and spread..we have a " seed and soil" theory for cancer growth ... mother nature being what it is must play the same design in growth in all biological systems , up to a point...
is my two cents worth.
Post script:
In Shantiniketan on the grounds of Gurudev's homestead and other huts/homes there is a vining tree, I want to say mango but it may be something else, I have forgotten' but its a normally a nice large tree, erect stout.. ... but there in that garden its "vining" , one of the brothers or nephews noticed it early on and gave such support as to let it vine.... after almost nearly 100 years its still in that form..
its still present and growing and the guides point it out proudly...
so it happens, has happened...
taught me to keep an open mind not only in human cancers, but in botany also ...
this is regarding a polygonum... january 2015 [efloraofindia:210913] Climber from Uttarakhand 08: ID Requested
nice case

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Sharing some pictures for identification shot at Kakani, Nepal on 28 July 2016 at 6000 ft.
Thanks, ... Do you have other pictures of the leaves etc. ?
Unfortunately these are the only picture I have.
May be some Polygonaceae member.
Yes, Persicaria for sure! Leaves are not clearly visible. Most probably P. chinensis.

Some high school students came to me with many medicinal plants generally used in local medicines. They are given a project by the school on the said topic. out of the plants i have problem in correctly identifying these three plants. Hope somebody may be working on these plants.
Location - Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh
Is it Persicaria?
... may be right! It looks like Persicaria chinensis.