Knorringia sibirica subsp. thomsonii

Knorringia sibirica subsp. thomsonii (Meisn. ex Steward) S. P. Hong in Nord. J. Bot. 9: 354. 1989; (Fig.9, B-E). (Syn: Polygonum sibiricum Laxm. var. thomsonii Meisn. ex Steward;. Polygonum sibiricum Laxm. subsp. thomsonii (Meisn. ex Steward) Rech.f. & Schiman-Czeika; Polygonum pamiricum Korsh.; Aconogonum pamiricum (Korsh.) Hara; Knorringia pamarica (Korsh.) Tzvelev)  as per Flora of Pakistan

ID request-051011-PKA1: Kindly help me with the ID.
Seen this plant near Village "Puga", Ladakh.
Date/Time: 14-09-2011 / 09:30AM
Location: Near Puga Village, Ladakh (Altitude: Approx: 15000ft)
Habitat: Wild (on the Rock)
Plant Habit: Herb

I hope Polygonum sp.
Thanks for giving me the lead.
I think, this herb could be Knorringia sibirica subsp. thomsonii (Polygonum sibiricum Laxm. var. thomsonii).
Kindly have a look at following link:
I had seen this herb near Village "Puga", Ladakh. (Altitude: Approx: 15000ft)
Habitat: Wild (on the sandy soil Rock).
Bot. name: Knorringia sibirica subsp. thomsonii
Polygonum sibiricum Laxm. var. thomsonii).
Family: Polygonaceae.

This is really a great finding ...! 
Surely Knorringia sibirica but not sure if subsp. thomsonii really exists. I am also searching relevant literature on this plant. 
The Plant List (TPL) mentions K. sibirica subsp. thomsonii as a synonym of Polygonum sibiricum var. thomosonii Meisn. But the molecular studies carried out on Polygonum s.l., the genus Knorringia did not group within the Polygonum/ Persicaria clade, supporting a distinct status to this genus. Hopefully more studies would be carried out on this genus and in future TPL would consider upgrading their database.

Polygonum sibiricum var. thomsonii at Pangong lake, Ladakh- July-PKA-10 : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (4)
Polygonum sibiricum var. thomsonii (Family: Polygonaceae).
Location: near Pangong lake, Ladakh
Altitude: Approx 14200ft

Very striking species. Quite different from other Polygonum species seen here in Uttarakhand.