Bistorta vivipara ?

Bistorta vivipara ?;

This Persicaria was shot from Valley of Flowers area, Uttrakhand, I could not take complete pics, whatever images I have suggest this to be Persicaria vivipara
Please suggest..
Cant see the characteristic bulbils in the inflorescence. Could you upload some more pictures ...?
I do not have any other pics..
I always get confused between two, I wonder if I have in my collection. I will upload soon.
I think this is from Polygonaceae.
These pictures are again from Spiti valley Jun
Please ID

Interesting! Would appreciate if you please upload some leaf pictures? Cant see any detail in the uploaded habit pic.
Sorry. These are the only pictures. Paucity of remain with the group often results in failing to get the imp. characters. :(
You can provide some details by cropping from the first picture.
Seems closer to Bistorta vivipara in which lower flowers modified into bulbils.

ID request 090914 NS 01 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2).
I recently went to Spiti and was quite amazed by the variety of flora available in a region that I always thought of as a cold desert.
I am posting for ID here. My apologies if these have been posted earlier, some of them were a little confusing for me.
Date/Time- August 2014
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS- Lahaul Spiti, HP, ~4600m ASL
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- Limited vegetation, no trees
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Shrub?
Height/Length- About 1 foot?
Polygonum viviparum ?, it will have underground rhizome.

Bistorta vivipara (L.) S.F.Gray for validation. : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3).
Further ID  validation request.
Bistorta vivipara (L.) S.F.Gray
Same location as above.
Bistorta vivipara (L.) Delarbre is a synonym of Persicaria vivipara (L.) Ronse Decr., rhizomes of Polygonum viviparum is a commercial crude drug.
Id is doubtful because the flower colour (White) and spike size varying (elongated).
Bulbils in the lower part of spike replacing normal flowers are not visible here. Bulbils are characteristic feature in absence of which difficult to determine it as P.viviparum
Please check true P.viviparum on the page B.vivipara in eFI.