Panicum miliaceum ?


Sc. Name for Varai, a millet crop : 6 posts by 5 authors.
Could anyone give the sc. name of 'Varai' a tiny white millet produced in Maharashtra in rainy season. It is eaten on a fasting day. It may a Eleusine sp. but certainly not E. coracana (Nachani).
Its common name in Vidarbha region is Bhagar. Could this be Echinochloa Colonum ??
Kodo millet (Paspalum scrobiculatum) is called as 'Varaku' / 'Varagu' in Tamil.
according to my records
Vari in Mah. and Guj. is Panicum miliaceum L.
Varagu in Tam. Paspalum scrobiculatum
I think ... is correct in saying it is Echinochloa colonum
Thanks ... for responding. I had all these names popping up. Apparently there seem to be several millets grown in different regions. I was looking for the one grown in north-west Maharashtra. BSI flora and T. Cooke's flora give Echinochloa colona as a weed and not as a crop. Varai, Bhagar or Nagli are not linked to any sc, name in any flora. A specimen alone may solve this confusion. 


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