Piper lonchites

Piper lonchites Schult., Mant. 1: 241 1822. (syn: Piperi lonchitum (Schult.) St. Lag.);

Assam, Malaya as per POWO;

MS July, 2018/06 Piper sp. ? for ID : 10 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)
Location : Ailawng, Mizoram
Date : 10-07-2018
Habit : Under shrub ?
Habitat : Wild

Piper lanceaefolium by chance ?
Piper sylvaticum

To me also appear close to images at  Piper sylvaticum

I think leaves are different in your link. 
... is right. the veins in leaves are different.
this case- its not very clear in enface kinda picture, but i can make outa strong mid vein, and two almost parallel side veins , one on each side and faint thin veins hugging the periphery of the leaf.
in the neotropic site leavesveins are in a true "tree branching" like pattern a strong mid vein and side shoots coming out sequentially, moving axially.
in neither case we know the size of the leaves, but the venation is quite distinctive.
so our case here is not Piper lanceifolium.
thanks for the link.
everybody should visit this neotropical flora site at Arizona State univ site for many of our tropical collections, great data 
It is Piper lonchites Roem & Sch.


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