Bridelia species- Durgapur, West Bengal

ID requested (DSC3281):  
Picture taken in Durgapur (W.B.)
Date 07/10/2012
Tree of height around 10 ft., in full bloom, Soft & nice scent, buzzing with different types of Butterflies, bees & insects.
... some species of Bridelia ?
Searched and found two scented Bridelia - 1) B. monoica and 2) B. nicobarica -
Images of the first -
There is no scented Streblus, i couldn't find one.
So, it is more likely to be a Bridelia, though i never came over any yet.
Agree with ... for a sp. of Bridelia 
Perhaps, Bridelia stipularis (L.) Blume.
The flowers are scented.. And as per my knowledge, the leaves are with patches, as if eaten by some caterpillar.
No. Bridelia stipularis is a climber.  The flowers are too immature.