Breynia disticha (Cultivated)

Common name: Hawaiian Snowbush  

Plant for Id- 080112- NS1- flora of Madhya Pradesh: I photographed dis beautiful plant in a private garden at Betul, MP. Liked it cuz here z a kinda colour reversal--- flowers r Green n Leaves r Pink !
Looks like some species of Phyllanthus; please wait for comments.
Looks like a Breynia species, may be B. disticha, an ornamental plant.
Yes  ... it looks lik..B.disticha.
could it b
Breynia disticha Roseopicta ??
Plz confirm
I m not sur of d cultivars. But d 'roseopicta' plts hv rose/red coloration (frm d lnk u provided) whras ur plt is green. So I prfr 2 cal it up 2 sp lvl only, til v get mor responses frm members.
Nothing against anybody but in the above context I would like to share an article published in Mondays Economic Times about the online manners.
I have no issues.... just found the article interesting.

Breynia : 4 posts by 2 authors.
I like to know about one plant- Breynia nivosa, whether it is capable to overcome extreme hot and cold climatic conditions.
The plant tolerates moderately high temperature (40 to 44 degree Celsius) under humid conditions, as I have seen in Chennai. May not tolerate lower temperature

12052014GS1 a shrub for ID from Karnal-GSJUN02 : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2).
Please help in the ID of this shrub photographed from Karnal, along roadsides.
This may be some Breynia species...
It is called Snowbush in Mumbai. This is the variegated variety. It is extensively used in Bonsai...
I may well be wrong though. 
Yes ... is right,
This is Breynia nivosa. Very common garden plant. planted for its variegated foliage.
Thank you ... for the species ID. I have been looking for it since long.....
I am seeing it for the first time.
This is very common hedge plant in Vir Jijamata Udyan and Hanging Garden, Mumbai.