Mazus pumilus ?

Saw this along the Govindghat - Ghangaria trail, Uttarakhand in Aug 2018.
IDed based on efi pics. Requested to kindly validate.

I find it more closer to images at Mazus pumilus (Burm. f.) Steenis compared to those at Mazus surculosus D. Don 

Majus sp. i cant go further on these pictures. needs a little more details in pics etc. this thread tells you why, by ...

I guess it is Majus surculosus ! Flower image not clear

Thanks for the feedback.
I looked at ... post linked by ... and am trying to put down points in favour of M.surculosus.
In favour of M. surculosus:
- stem with long white hairs
- basal leaves forming a rosette at flowering time
- middle lobe of lower lip longer than lateral lobes
- Calyx lobes 1/3rd as long as calyx against Calyx lobes as long as calyx in M pumilus
- Orange marks are longer (I think)
Besides, these pics look different than the ones posted by me earlier.
Would greatly appreciate any comments.
Thanks, ... Things can be better appriciated if you see all the images in efi site. 
Corolla markings are very important.
Leaves and other things looks very confusing