Eurya species- Arunachal Pradesh
Shrub from Arunachal Pradesh for Id: For help in id of a Shrub, 2.5 -4m, collected in primary temperate forest, Arunachal Pradesh at 2500m in September.

It is Theaceae.
may be Eurya acuminata var...... ???
or other Eurya species like E. arunachalensis, E. cerasifolia ??????
Need to be confirmed by consulting herbarium
Not fitting with any of the named Eurya. I have seen already at CAL.
Probability is Eurya sp. as specified in earlier mail but drupe shape is unique
I tried to check with all species of Eurya, mentioned as per BSI Flora of India and Flora of China at Eurya, in GBIF.
But could not find any match as per
First impressions: 
some Adenandra? sp  Theaceae
Did not find any Adenandra sp. distribution in India, only found distribution in South Africa!