Corydalis diphylla subsp. murreeana

Corydalis diphylla subsp. murreeana (Jafri) Lidén, Willdenowia 26: 30 1996. (syn: Corydalis murreeana Jafri);

N.W. Himalayas (Murree eastwards to Kulu valley) as per Flora of Pakistan;
Corydalis...?? Kalatope id al110411: I think this is a species of Corydalis... leave it to your expert
Location Kalatope, Chamba
Altitude 2100 mt

Habit herb
Habitat wild/growing by a stream
Height 10inches

very nice foto of Lerchensporn (Germanname) 

Can it be Corydalis murreeana Jafri ?
Looks close!
C. diphylla ssp. murreana
Do we have any records from India before ?
Not sure. And the photo is a bit intermediate between the types of the recognised subspecies.
The variation may be more complicated than apparent from the current division into three subspecies.
I have seen too few live plants from NW India to be certain. Maybe your web-forum could shed more light on this.