Orobanche cernua var. pseudoclarkei

Orobanche cernua var. pseudoclarkei S.M.H.Jafri ;

Pakistan, India as per Catalogue of Life;

Is this Orobanche cernua var. desertorum? : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5) + Attachments (2)
Seen on the sides of mustard and wheat fields in Bera, Rajasthan, February 2020.
Not sure if it is Orobanche cernua Loefl. var. desertorum C.Beck., Orobanchaceae. There were no tobacco plantations in the area.
Please confirm

Thanks, Radha ji, for the wonderful presentation.
Keys in Flora of Pakistan are as below:
1Scapes thick, 1.5-2 cm broad; spikes dense, short Orobanche cernua var. nepalensis
+Scapes less than 1 cm broad; spikes elongated, somewhat lax below (2)
2 (1)Calyx lateral segments 2-fid with equal pair of teeth Orobanche cernua var. cernua
+Calyx lateral segments 2 fid to entire, often with unequal pair of teeth Orobanche cernua var. pseudo-clarkei
I am unable to see the calyx properly. Pl. check.
As per Catalogue of life, Orobanche cernua var. nepalensis DC. is a syn. of Orobanche cernua var. desertorum G.Beck with no distribution in India.
However, Catalogue of life gives distribution of Orobanche cernua var. pseudoclarkei S.M.H.Jafri in India.

Thank you ...
Attaching a couple of cropped images. To me the calyx teeth seem slightly unequal.
Unable to upload full size images on e flora.
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Thanks, ..., for the wonderful details.
We may keep it as Orobanche cernua var. pseudoclarkei for the time being.

Thank you ..., this is very useful. 


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