Euphrasia himalayica

Euphrasia himalayica Wettst., Monogr. Euphrasia 180 1896. (syn: Euphrasia kurramensis Pennell; Euphrasia multiflora Pennell);

Pakistan (Hazara, Kurram), N-India, Jammu & Kashmir, Nepal as per Catalogue of life

Common name: Eyebright • Ladakhi: ཀངཅུཀ་ Kangchuk
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Euphrasia himalayicaEyebright
Above Ilaqa, HP 3200m 03-04 September 2016
efi page on Euphrasia himalayica  
Euphrasia —Eyebright is correct if himalayica i don't know.
Thank you ... It seems to match images of E. himalayica on FOI here.
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Ascending herb with orbicular deeply serrate leaf from Badrinath area.
Euphrasia sp.
Pl. check with species at Euphrasia (as pointed out be ...).
I think appears close to images at Euphrasia himalayica

I agree with ... I saw them flowering well on our higher slopes in August. Here are some photos from my last year's post.


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