Zeuxine nervosa ?



Zeuxine species for ID: Some *Zeuxine *looks like *gracillis / glandulosa*
Collected from Andaman
Date: 09th Feb 2011
Only single photograph I have for this time, flowers greenish- white covered with and glandular hairs, three spiny outgrowth at the base of lip.
Looking ahead for expert comments. 

... sent me this photograph about 2 months back. This species is very close to Zeuxine nervosa, Z. stenophylla (not reported from India) and Z. glandulosa (except the leaves). I have been working on the 'Jewel
Orchid' subtribe for last 7 years and also did my Ph.D. on the same. As per my experience, some species of Zeuxine, especially those have wide range of distribution, show high range of variation in foliar characteristics, no. of glands inside the hypochile, shape and size of labellum epichile etc. Z. nervosa is a highly variable species as it occurs in INDIA (Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Orissa,
Therefore, it is requested to consult the above mention species (3 species, especially Z. nervosa) before drawing any conclusion. A clear illustration (habit, sepals, petals, lip, column, pollinarium) may be sent to me to
identify   the species correctly. In brief, I guess it is Z. nervosa. 

ID please: Could you please help me to identify this plant.
Collected from  Mount Harriet, South Andamans
I hope this could be a species of Zeuxine?? 
I assume the flower is not fully open thats why this is getting tricky. At one glance I thought this could be Zeuxine affinis (assuming lips needs some more straightening up).
Will confirm soon. 
I sent your pictures to my friend at BSI, Dr Avishek, who is an expert on this group of Orchids. He says this could be Zeuxine nervosa but lips is showing variation. You need to dissect the flower and share the pictures if possible. 
I had the doubt that it could be Z.nervosa.
It is very interesting to hear that the plant shows variation from Z. nervosa.
I am not sure whether , the differences are concrete enough to separate it from Z.nerrvosa.
Could that be the difference due to the change in habit???
Anyway, let me dissect it out first.
Now I am out of station.
Get back to you soon with more details about the plant.
Special thanks for the reprints of papers and figures. 
I just got this mail from Orchid expert from Kew, Dr. Andre for my new article on Zeuxine. I am attaching a part of it here for you to understand the problem here:

Dr. Andre Schuiteman: "Thanks for the excellent article. I think you have made a convincing case there. Many Zeuxine species, and related orchids, are still incompletely known, as the structure of the lip and column is often almost impossible to reconstruct from herbarium specimens."

Now that you have the flowers you can only resolve the doubts or you can send some flowers to me in 70% alcohol. I will request you to prepare a good sketch of it. If you need any more help from me, then you know where to ring or mail. Dr. Andre and Dr. Avishek (PhD on Jewel orchids of India) are very helpful.

Since the plant shows some variation, am waiting for the next flowering season..
I will let you know the details as soon as I get flowers..