Zeuxine lindleyana

Zeuxine lindleyana A.N.Rao, Arunachal Forest News 6: 34 1988.;

C. & E. Himalaya to India (Orissa) as per WCSP;

Common name: Lindley's Lawn Orchid

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Here's a new orchid species addition to site. 
Zeuxine lindleyana A.N.Rao
Lindley's Lawn Orchid 
Family - Orchidaceae
Zeuxine lindleyana has unlobed, near white colored ovate-lanceolate lip which distinguish it from closely related and much common Zeuxine strateumatica having distinctly three lobed pale yellow colored lip. 
Habitat - Along brooklets in sandy soils often with Zeuxine strateumatica
Photographed at Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh In March 2020 

Zeuxine strateumatica



I am thinking what you meant by three lobed labellum in Z. strateumatica?
Please find the attached image... 
I think i should use the epichile is two lobed in Zeuxine strateumatica while single lobed in Zeuxine lindleyana...
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Is the id correct ?
Yes sir, it is Zeuxine lindleyana.