Zeuxine grandis

Zeuxine grandis Seidenf., Dansk Bot. Ark. 32: 90 1978.;
This work is important firstly taxonomically as we have merged an endemic orchid of Uttarakhand with a non endemic so reducing the number of endemic orchids of Uttarakhand.
Secondly because, it was my dream to have an article with BSI and that too with Dr. Chowdhery is a big deal. He is the author of Orchids of Arunachal Pradesh.
- Please find the pdf of the article attached.
Bhattacharjee, A., P.Kumar, H.J.Chowdhery and G.S.Rawat. 2011. A new synonym for Zeuxine grandis (Orchidaceae). Richardiana 11 (2): 98 - 103.