Sarcoglyphis comberi (Cultivated- USA)

Sarcoglyphis comberi (J.J.Wood) J.J.Wood, Orchid Rev. 95: 167 1987. (syn: Cleisostoma comberi J.J.Wood);

Pen. Malaysia, W. Jawa as per WCSP;

Orchids seen at the Conservatory in ABG during my visit in October, 2018. 
Very tiny flowers.

I cant see the labellum properly, Do you have more closeups?
I think this is Sarcoglyphis comberi, please google this and let me know.

Here are more pictures.
Your suggested id seems correct to me.
I had found this link while searching.... Notes from the Fuqua Orchid Centre.
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Yes Sarcoglyphis comberi. You can see the saw-tooth like margin on the upper part of red labellum.


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