Oncostele Wildcat 'Yellow Butterfly' ?


Oncostele Wildcat 'Yellow Butterfly' supposed to be intergeneric hybrid between Odontocidium and Colmanara (I am unsure how this name can be formed: it has to be first part of one genus and second part of another). I hope ... can throw some light and validate.

Ornamental from a store in Fremont, California, Oct 28, 2016.

I am not sure if your name for this is correct. I can see lot of variation on the flower with that name.
Ofcourse it has Oncidium in it but may also have Miltonia!!
Yes your curiosity of the name is correct because the two genera involved for Oncostele are Oncidium and Rhynchostele.
On the other hand OdontocidiumOdontoglossum and Oncidium
ColmanaraMiltonia, Odontoglossum and Oncidium (Now where 'R' came into the hybrid name, I have no idea). I dont know if there is a compulsion of naming hybrid by combining the name of the parents, its just a trend.