Neottia pinetorum ?


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Neottia pinetorum (Lindl.) Szlach. (=Listera pinetorum Lindl., L.mucronata Panigrahi and Wood) is a ground orchid found between 2500-3500m altitude in Uttarakhand. It is not a common species, more so because it is difficult to locate due to greenish flowers.

Photographed in Sunderdhunga valley of Bageshwar district Uttarakhand.

I think differ from you a bit. I am not sure if this is Neottia pinetorum. I will recheck further to confirm.
Thanks ...; altogether a new shade of colour to me for a flower, and beautiful too.
Unique shaped flower. Thanks ... for sharing
Thank you ... for nice words. This is unique orchid and I saw it first time too in my Sunderdhunga tour.
... expressed that it may be different species, hope he finds time to determine. I understand, he is handling so many posts and queries.
This could be Neottia tenuis.
Keys and diagr in Deva and Naithani (1986) indicated it as L.pinetorum (now N.pinetorum). To me L.tenuis seems a smaller plant with narrower leaves than this.
However, I will, once again, check the specimens.
I have seen N. pinetorum, it has distinct red line on the labellum. Even the margin is not so wavy. But yeah I could be wrong.


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