Neottia nidus-avis (UK)

Europe to Iran, NW. Africa as per WCSP;

Albania; Algeria; Altay; Austria; Baleares; Baltic States; Belarus; Belgium; Bulgaria; Central European Rus; Corse; Czechoslovakia; Denmark; East European Russia; Finland; France; Germany; Great Britain; Greece; Hungary; Iran; Ireland; Italy; Krasnoyarsk; Krym; Morocco; Netherlands; North Caucasus; North European Russi; Northwest European R; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Sardegna; Sicilia; South European Russi; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Transcaucasus; Tunisia; Turkey; Turkey-in-Europe; Ukraine; West Siberia; Yugoslavia as per Catalogue of Life;
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Neottia nidus-avis from United Kingdom.

Is it a holoparasitic species ...? 
Looks likely from the images.. 

Yes sir, this is holomycohetrotrophic plant. That is fully dependent on fungal association for germination.