Luisia birchea

Luisia birchea Blume, Mus. Bot. 1: 64 4: 50 1849. (syn: Luisia tenuifolia sensu Hook. f.; Luisia pseudotenuifolia Blatt. & McC.; Luisia evangelinae Blatt. & McC.; Luisia tenuifolia var. evangelinae  (Blatt. & McC.) Sant. & Kap.; Luisia birchea var. evangelinae  (Blatt. & McC.) Sarkar) as per BSI Flora of India checklist 

Peninsular, E. & N.E. India, E. Himalaya as per BSI Flora of India checklist 

Common name: Birch Luisia
Orchidaceae - Luisia birchea Blume : 7 posts by 4 authors. 5 images.

Location- Chinnar

Habitat-   Wild

Plant Habit - Epiphytic herb


Note : This is a species mentioned in the Plant list as a synonym of Luisia tenuifolia Blume which I strongly feel is not correct. The Habitat and the Habit and the shape of the flower and its appearance are entirely different

Your plant is Luisia birchea and the second plant I think is Luisia evangelinae

Thank you very much .. I have no doubt in their id's. I have only on doubt why that "Plant list" has made them the same species ?
Thanks to ... for their comments. Still I am not fully placed how to go about replying to each person who had made comments.

The Name L.evangelinae is now the synonym of L.tenuifolia.


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