Habenaria species at Matheran

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Is this Habenaria panchaganensis
Looks like it is Habenaria gibsoni.
Could be var. gibsoni or var. foetida depending on scent.
I have another photograph that was clicked at Lohagad. This was in an undergrowth.
This is further to my below email. I would like to correct it.
I re-checked the Habenaria key but unfortunately after sending the email.
It is not Habenaria gibsoni that I had guessed.
It is some other Habenaria that I couldnt arrive at.
But it is certainly neither H.panchganensis.
Am equally eager to know what it is.
Probably ... is the best person to comment on what it is.
apologies for incorrect posting.
I have seen this plant and today i spent whole of my second half of
the day in vain identifying the plant.
This is not....
gibsoni var. gibsoni (=foliosa)
gibsoni var. foetida
var. panigrahiana
panigrahiana var. parviloba
..... which place has this been collected from.
I have a slight doubt on the other pic provided by ... too, they dont look very similar. The lobes of labellum in ... plant are parallel where as it is divergent in the original. But the plant is interesting to me so I will try again with other references.
I photographed it at Matheran, near Mumbai.
I had located the specimen at Lohagad - near Lonavala.
I think this is one of the three varieties of Habenaria foliosa, but I may be wrong
I have never heard of any varieties of foliosa by the way!! Can you please enlighten me more on this.