Here's is the key from Dr. Almeida's flora : pg 42, Vol V-A 
Eria Lindl. (nom.cons.)
1.Flowers solitary on slender scapes E. reticosa
1.Flowers in racemes or spikes------------------------------------------------------------------2
   2. Inflorescence tomentose E. pubescens
   2. Inflorescence glabrous---------------------------------------------------------------------3
     3. Small plants less than 10 cm high; leaves less than 8 cm long; sepals and petals greenish-yellow-----4
       4. Plants leafless at flowering time E. exilis
       4. Plants leafy at flowering time; scape straight-------------------------------5
         5. Margins of sepals entire; lip ovate-lanceolate E. conrardii
         5. Margins of sepals ciliate with minute gland-tipped hairs; lip pandurate E. microchilos
     3.Plant exceeding 10 cm high; leaves 10-20 cm long; sepals and petals whiteE. mysorensis
Extended distribution of Eria spicata - Richardiana : With Artificial key to the species under Section Pinalia, Genus Eria- Eria bipunctata, Eria connata, Eria globulifera, Eria meghasaniensis, Eria occidentalis, Eria pumila, Eria spicata)