Dendrobium species- Thapathali, Lalitpur, Nepal

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Location:  Thapathali, Lalitpur
Date:  14 June 2019
Elevation:  1400 m.
Dendrobium fugax Rchb.f. ??

Is not it looking similar to genus Habenaria flowers? 

What i need to see is marked in red in the attached image. Unfortunately I cant see it, so its not easy to confirm.
China has 9, so I expect Nepal to have more than 2-3 species.
And no, by no angle it is even close to Habenaria and its allies because this is Epidendroideae and Habenaria is Orchidoideae sub family.
This can be fugax looking at the pseudobulbs. but not sure.
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Dendrobium macraei Lindl. ??
Syn : Flickingeria macraei (Lindl.) Seidenf. 

Good question.
For that I need to see the marked in red area of the flower!!