Dendrobium parishii

One more Orchid for id from Manipur
These printed Pics were shot and provided to us by some of ours Classmates from Manipur ( Who were resident of Manipur) in 1998.
Very cute, Dendrobium anosmum.
could this be Dendrobium parishii?? canes seem smaller.
I just checked, Dendrobium anosmum is not reported from India. This should be then Dendrobium parishii.
Thanks for correcting.
MS May, 2016/23 Dendrobium sp. for ID : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)
Location : Sairep (Mizoram)
Date : 14-05-2015
Habit : Epiphytic herb
Habitat : Wild

This should be Dendrobium parishii.
This species is Dendrobium parishii



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