Cyrtosia nana ?

Cyrtosia nana (Rolfe ex Downie) Garay, Bot. Mus. Leafl. 30: 233 1986. (syn: Galeola nana Rolfe ex Downie)?;

Assam (Manipur) to China (SW. Guizhou, S. Guangxi) as per WCSP;

Assam; China South-Central; China Southeast; Thailand; Vietnam as per Catalogue of Life;
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Pecharthal Tripura
Kindly identify

Any idea about the family ?
Haven't come across this plant, but two families where they are common are Orobanchaceae and Orchidaceae.. kindly chk them..
I think this is Cyrtosia javanica [Orchidaceae

The photos are not clear. Hope it may be a member of Orobranchaceae
Thanks, … Identified as Cyrtosia species of Orchidaceae.
Very interesting. I saw a brother of this live in Laos in 2012, so happy to see this, although just the image.
This is either Cyrtosia nana or Cyrtosia javanica, both of which are known from India and are of smaller size like this.  
I need to see a better pic.
If I have to guess this could be Cyrtosia nana (owing to the widely open flower that i can see in one of the image), but cant confirm.
The seeds of this are supposed to be dispersed by birds in Japan and I assume it applies in India too.
Very interesting plant.


Discovery of Cyrtosia nana (Orchidaceae) in India- Sanatombi Devi Yumkham- Taiwania 58(58(3):229‒23 · September 2013 
Genera Orchidacearum Volume 3: Orchidoideae (Part 2) Vanilloideae edited by Alec Pridgeon, Phillip Cribb, Phillip J. Cribb, Mark.W Chase, Finn.N Rasmussen