Coelogyne ovalis ?
SK1015 15 MAR-2018
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Location: Godawari , Nepal
Altitude:  5000 ft.
Date: 14 September 2013
Habit : Wild
Coelogyne fuliginosa Loddiges ex Hook. ???

I imagine why this is not Coelogyne ovalis? What is the size?

Initially I guessed it to be C. ovalis but later thought it could be C. fuliginosa.
Now, after visual image compare  I guess it could be as you have suggested.
Need final validation !

What is the size of the plant? Can u take a picture with your hand?

This is very old image from 2013 image collection !

I mean picture of the plant with your hand in the picture for reference of size. Ovalis, fuloginosa and fimbriata and pallens, they all look similar, but fimbriata is smallest (almost half size of ovalis flower).

Sorry! I don't know how to do that?