Agrostophyllum species- Fraser's Hill
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Fraser's Hill - 17/07/2014 - afternoon
It could be a species of Agrostophyllum (Orchidaceae)
These three photographs indicate that they belong to the Orchid genus Agrostophyllum. There are many species of this genus in SE.Asia including Malaya, Indonesia and Philippines. Therefore it is not possible to pin point the species.
I cant see the whole plant properly. How are leaves and how they are oriented.
Yes this is Agrostophyllum and if I had to guess, I would say Agrostophyllum glumaceum or tenue, but cant confirm.
Keys are based on the angle of leaf on stem , length of stem and number of leaves to start with.

A. tenue is reported from Bukit Fraser if it is what you mean by Fraser Hill?
Yes, this is Bukit Fraser. Having spent just a short time on Hemmant Trail, I was unable to take pics of details of plants.