Aerides rosea

E. Himalaya to S. China and Indo-China as per WCSP;
ORCHIDACEAE: Aerides rosea Lodd. ex Lindl. & Paxton
: Aerides rosea Lodd. ex Lindl. & Paxton, Paxton's Fl. Gard. 2: 109 (1851).
Aerides affinis var. rosea (Lodd. ex Lindl. & Paxton) E.C.Parish in F.Mason, Burmah 2: 198 (1883).
Aerides trigona Klotzsch, Allg. Gartenzeitung 23: 177 (1855).
Aerides williamsii R.Warner, Select Orchid. Pl. 1: 21 (1865).
Aerides fieldingii Lodd. ex E.Morren, Ann. Hort. Belge Étrangère 26: 286 (1876).
Aerides fieldingii var. williamsii (R.Warner) A.H.Kent in H.J.Veitch, Man. Orchid. Pl. 7: 69 (1891).
Aerides fieldingii var. alba L.Linden, Lindenia 12: t. 538 (1897).
Aerides rosea f. alba (L.Linden) Christenson, Proc. World Orchid Conf. 14: 214 (1994).
Family: Orchidaceae
Picture taken: Kadoorie Botanic Gardens, Hong Kong.
Camera used: Nikon D300 + 60mm Nikkor lens + Vivitar Ring Flash.
Actually this is for all those who thought they are same (multiflora and rosea), including me :P..
I finally realised that they are very much different from each other
I had been confused with this since past 5 years :) now I am sure they are different.

Few more Orchids for id from Manipur
These printed Pics were shot and provided to us by some of ours Classmates from Manipur ( Who were resident of Manipur) in 1998.
I need to see the leaf. This is a big confusing between Aerides rosea and Aerides multiflora.
I think it is Aerides rosea
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M-003 : Date : 17-05-2012 Habitat : Wild Habit : Herb.
This is not so common plant, looks similar to Aerides multiflora, but this is Aerides rosea.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful plants pic.
Id of this orchid. Arunachal Pradesh. 25.5.17 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3) - 1or 2 MB each.

I believe this is Aerides rosea.
Thanks a lot for sharing.