Musa markkuana

Musa markkuana (M.Sabu, A.Joe & Sreej.) Hareesh, A.Joe & M.Sabu stat. nov. (syn: Musa velutina H.Wendl. & Drude subsp. markkuana M.Sabu et. al. in Phytotaxa 92: 50 (2013); Joe & Sabu in South Indian Journal of Biological Sciences 2: 218 (2016));
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The fruits on ripening do not split

Pl. check Musa velutina

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Musa markuana
In musa velutina the fruits are self peeling.

It is Musa markkuana. pdf of paper is attached.- 16 MB.


Musa markkuana stat. nov. (Musaceae)—A reassessment of Musa velutina subsp. markkuana V. S. HAREESH, A. JOE, P. E. SREEJITH, M. SABU (Abstract- Musa velutina subsp. markkuana was published based on morphological characters. Present studies on anatomy of lamina, midrib, petiole, bract, fruit peel and seeds, palynology and micromorphology of seeds of M. velutina and M. velutina subsp. markkuana have revealed that the differences are strong enough to treat the subspecies to species level, M. markkuana stat. nov. Photomicrographs of all parts and comparison charts are provided.)
Musa velutina subsp. markkuana (Musaceae): a new subspecies from northeastern India Mamiyil SABU, ALFRED JOE, Puravannoor E. SREEJITH (Abstract- A new subspecies of Musa velutina belonging to section Rhodochlamys from northeastern India is described and illustrated as Musa velutina subsp. markkuana. A detailed description, distribution, ecology, phenology and relevant taxonomic notes are provided)