Musa coccinea

Musa coccinea Andrews, Bot. Repos. 1: t. 47 1799. (Syn: Quesnelia lamarckii Baker);

Common name: Scarlet Banana, Red Torch Banana, Red Flowering Thai Banana

China South-Central; China Southeast; Costa Rica; India; Jawa; Philippines; Trinidad-Tobago; Vietnam as per Catalogue of Life;
DV :: 30MAR11 - 0909 :: ¿ non-native ginger ?: Banana-like plant in terms of plant size, leaf size and shape; flowers remind of ginger species ... the inflorescence is about 6 - 8 inch long. Most probably a non-native. Date/Time : March 30, 2011 at 9.09am IST
Location Place : Kodagu Valley Resort, Coorg, Karnataka ... 12.44065, 75.717147 on Google maps <>
Altitude : 3721 ft (above mean sea level)

This is Musa coccinea

Musa coccinea or Scarlet Banana.
Photographed at Gangajal nursery, Nasik.