Ficus variegata ?
Location : Thenhlum, Mizoram
Date : 25-03-2010 & 07-10-2009
Habit : Middle-sized evergreen ? tree
Habitat : Wild
Mizo name ; Chho-he

Sir, 1st with long peduncled figs belongs to Ficus variegata. 2nd photo with short peduncled figs belongs to Ficus racemosa.
Both images are of different plants, closeup one is of Ficus racemosa and other of Ficus variegata.
I am still confusing about the species of this tree. This tree is larger than that of you had identified as Ficus variegata. Stem and leaves are slightly different. We regarded this tree is as different sp. That you had identified as Ficus variegata (my no. MS May, 2017/01 and MS May, 2017/07) is small, evergreen tree with white stem. 
If the close up one is of Ficus racemosa, the other one bearing fruits on the trunk also to be Ficus racemosa, I think.
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Location :  Koh Chang, Thailand
Date: 09 December 2019
Elevation : MSL
Habitat : Wild
Ficus racemosa L. ??

I think looks different from images at Ficus racemosa 

Yes ...

If leaf base is rounded to shallowly cordate (not visible in photo) then this is Ficus variegata Blume, otherwise F. racemosa L.

Here is a clear image of the leaves.
Does not look like Ficus variegata Blume.
I hope it's varigata,