Dorstenia indica

Dorstenia indica Wight, Icon. Pl. Ind. Orient. 6: 8 1853. ;

S-India, Sri Lanka as per Catalogue of Life

Herb or under shrub. Stem erect, stout and slender. Leaves alternate, lanceolate, undulate to serrate 5-8 long, margin entire or lobed, 6-12 lateral veins on either side of the midvein, hairy, petiole 1-2 cm, stipules lateral. Inflorescence axillary, solitary, flowers arranged on simple or lobed androgynous receptacle. Male flower perianths more or less connate and inflexed in bud. Female flowers deeply sunk in the receptacle, perianth mouth almost closed. Ovule pendulous, style lateral. Fruit a minute crustaceous achene.
Evergreen to deciduous forests.
Asia: India, Sri Lanka
(attributions- Ganeshaiah, K. N., UAS, Bangalore, India. and Kailash, B. R., UAS & ATREE, Bangalore, India from India Biodiversity Portal)
Dorstenia indica (mixed thread):
There is a whole article on the occurrence of this plant in the Fergusson Campus of Pune University, but the authors misidentified it as Dorstenia indica:
Dorstenia indica is a rare and fragile plant growing on rocks and tree roots in moist and shady forests of the Western Ghats and Sri Lanka. See
It would not survive in the campus grounds. However, the hardy Dorstenia contrajerva grows in a wide variety of habitats in South America.
I attach a few pictures that I made of Dorstenia indica in Sri Lanka and put on Wikipedia.
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